“Dr. Clarke is a wonderful counselor. He is committed to helping each of his clients become healthy and whole individuals. He has helped my family” 
The Carter Family

“From the first assessment Dr. Clarke was able to pin point the core reason I needed help. He has a natural gift to help others see their potential. He is patient, yet firm. His honesty is refreshing. I would recommend him to anyone."

"Dr. Clarke has been an awesome prescence in my family's life. He is truthful and fair. Most of all he has great insight and loves what he does. He has been a God send for us”
The Turner Family

"Dr. Clarke is a great counselor. He has helped bring my family back together and has also hepled with my relationship with my boyfriend. We communicate better and can now see a better future for us."
J. Murray

"Dr. Clarke's genuine concern, warmth and pesonalized attention has brought myself and my family to a place of healing, happiness, growth and peace" 
The Bell Family
"Dr. Clarke possessed the unique ability to recognize and call forth my inner strengths and talents. His care and concern has changed me more than any other relationship in my life. Thank God for him." Jessie James

Mon - Fri 10:30am - 7:30pm
Sat 10:00am - 2:00pm

Dr. Keith Clarke, LCCA
"Creating Solutions...Changing Lives"